Make sense of every conversation that matters

Work with text data with no-code solutions that can read natural language. Never again with a spreadsheet.


Processes 50 languages, including mixtures


Handles up to 10,000 text responses, feedbacks, reviews


AI-powered analytics extracts insights 10x faster

300 ms

Real-time automation of time-consuming tasks

Need a bespoke solution for your specific use case?

We can build in days a full custom integrated console automating the processing of your proprietary data.

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We turn state-of-the-art AI into  simple working tools for Knowledge Industries Professionals

What we do

We provide simple, intuitive and affordable no-code solutions leveraging state-of-the-art NLP technologies in order to process different types of online conversations , customers, employees, consumers.

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AI-neutral and profoundly human

We augment Humans with user-friendly working tools that use the best NLP technologies - LLMs including but not limited to GPT- under the hood and at your fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Simple Decisions?

We are a small team of passionates, developers, designers, data scientists, in love with productivity tools for knowledge workers. Language is the new data. And we want to augment knowledge workers and help them make sense of every conversation that matters.

Does Simple Decisions use my personal data?

Simple X does not use any personal data for any commercial purpose. The only user personal data collected is the email address when email sign up is selected and solely used for access and transactional communication purpose. Please see the Simple X DecisionsPrivacy policy.

Is my personal data secure?

As a company based in France, all our operations comply with European Union data protection laws. Read more about the advantages offered by European Union data protection standards here.

Which languages does Simple Decisions support?

Simple X Decisions supports 50 languages including almost all European languages, major Asian languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, as well as Arabic and Hebrew. Further languages will become available in the near future.